kl. 18.00-18.45 22. aug. On youtube.

My God, My God, why have you forsaken me? is a quotation many of us recognize. Does that hope and fear expressed in scriptures 2000 years ago resonate with the hope and fear felt by modern man in a globalised world today?

Are we marching towards the destruction of our own species to the beat of global climate breakdown, raging epidemics, lost faith in democracy and religious violence, or is there hope?

As creatures capable of imagining the future, hope is the last to abandon us. But what is hope? How does it manifest itself and where can we find it? Are our fears purely personal or do they encompass the whole of humanity and our common home, the Earth? Can we expect salvation, or do we have to join hands and act?

The conversation will be in English. It will take place at Voksenåsen in Oslo and streamed live to Berwaldhallen in Stockholm. Afterwards – in Berwaldhallen and streamed live to Oslo – the Stenhammar Quartet will perform Joseph Haydn’s Seven last words of our Saviour on the Cross, with seven representatives of the world religions reading texts between the movements.