Roseslottet – the Rose Castle

Roseslottet towers over the very top of Frognerseteren. It is a complete experience of paintings and installations that tell the story of the Second World War in Norway – a story in which Voksenåsen, as a national endowment, plays a vital part.

Trekking and skiing in Nordmarka

Nordmarka is where all of Oslo gets out into nature, and offers miles and miles of well-kept skiing pistes, clearly signposted walking trails, bathing spots, and cabins where you can stop for a coffee and a waffle.

Tryvann summer and winter park

Tryvann is Eastern Norway’s largest alpine center. During summer the Høyt & Lavt climbing park offers activities for all ages and abilities.

Holmenkollen national ski arena

Holmenkollen is one of Norway's most visited tourist attractions, and includes a ski museum, jump tower, souvenir shop, ski simulator and café. Take a trip up the famous ski jumping tower, try a ski simulator, learn about the ski history at the Ski Museum or play roller skiing.