Youth courses

The national endowment’s mission is currently managed by the non-profit program activities at Voksenåsen’s Center for Swedish-Norwegian cooperation, through courses and meeting on equality, human rights and peace work. The aim of the program activities at the Voksenåsen Center for Swedish-Norwegian cooperation is to promote Nordic unity and social understanding through events in culture, society and language. The Voksenåsen Center for Swedish-Norwegian cooperation continuously seeks cooperation with new project stakeholders.

At the center of Voksenåsen’s activities is the meeting between people.

Through collaboration with project stakeholders in broad networks, the non-profit department creates unique courses and events with a highly professional level. Young people are always in focus!

When you meet to learn, create and discuss something you are passionate about, you often achieve positive effects in other priority areas as well, such as cooperation across national borders.

As the Center for Swedish-Norwegian cooperation, it also takes care of the task of being a meeting place for Swedes and Norwegians in Oslo and the nearby areas. An open house, a place for conversations and meetings. Therefore, there must also always be room in the program for spontaneous exchanges of knowledge and experience within relevant topics, for performing arts projects and for the celebration of Swedish traditions.

"Hågkomstresor" to Oslo

Voksenåsen offers study trips for Swedish youth in the concept of remembrance trips. Based on authentic memorial sites for the victims of Nazism, lessons are taught about the Holocaust, democracy and the use of history. The travel concept has been created in collaboration with "Forum för Levande historia".
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Voksenåsen music academies

Voksenåsen runs a large talent development program for young, classically trained musicians. There are offers for string players, wind players, classical singers, composers and chamber musicians at several levels.
Voksenåsen music academies

Voksenåsen podcast

The national endowment Voksenåsen is a meeting place. Through conversations about Swedish-Norwegian relations, social life, language and culture, we gain new insight and experience. It is when we meet that we get to know each other, together we simply become a little wiser.
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